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Top 5 IIoT Providers by Number of Case Studies

Published on 06/29/2017 | IoT Index

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Daniel Stephen

Analyst . IoT ONE


The importance of case studies to a business cannot be overemphasized. Firstly, they help position your brand as an authoritative voice in the industry. Customers these days have also become increasingly demanding and expect hard proof and statistics in order to be convinced. This week our spotlight is on these IIoT providers that have invested in providing not just high quantity but high quality content as well. 

PTC is a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate, and service the "things" in the Internet of Things (IoT). Their signature IIoT platform is known as the Thingworx platform. It is the only enterprise-ready technology platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. Click here to read more about how the Thingworx platform is delivering transformative value to numerous businesses.

Cisco designs and sells broad lines of products, provides services and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world, building the Internet. Jasper is Cisco's IoT service platform offering and in terms of number of enterprises and service providers is an industry leader. Click here to read more case studies on Jasper.  

MOXA is a leading provider of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions for enabling the Industrial Internet of Things. Their signature IIoT solution is known as the ThingsPro platform. Click here to read more about how MOXA IIoT solutions are impacting businesses today. 

Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Advantech's WISE-PaaS is a highly functional online IoT software platform that supports multiple modules and solutions, from security to remote access and control. Click here to access Advantech's comprehensive library of case studies. 

Digi is an industry-leading  M2M communications and technology company that provides the essential layer of M2M and IoT communications — the remote monitoring and management that critical applications depend on. Click here to read more Digi case studies and see how their smart solutions have played a pivotal role in the business operations of numerous companies. 

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