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ThingWorx 8 makes it easier and faster to:
- Connect with industrial machines and source data
- Source data from IoT cloud providers
- Analyze data to learn normal behavior and receive alerts regarding any deviation
- Create and deliver rich, hands-free augmented reality experiences
ThingWorx 8 is purpose-built for Industrial IoT
The ThingWorx Platform contains specific functionality designed for industrial businesses – such as native industrial connectivity, anomaly detection and a model-based development environment.

Rapidly create and deploy Apps and Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences
Thingworx 8 makes developing & delivering Apps and immersive industrial AR experiences at scale easier by leveraging innovative digital twin technology throughout the platform.

Vibrant Partner Ecosystem
ThingWorx 8 has one of the largest networks of industrial IoT focused companies in the world.

Ultimate Flexibility
ThingWorx 8 can be deployed in a variety of ways – in the cloud, on site, or with a hybrid approach – and integrates a wide-range of data sources into apps and AR experiences.
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Number of Case Studies21
Complex Discrete Manufacturing with ThingWorx Analytics
Complex Discrete Manufacturing with ThingWorx Analytics
ABC faced two major issues when utilizing the data collected. One is the size, complexity, and disparity of the data collected would take lot of man-hours to process and evaluate. Two is real-time data cannot be put into use due to the nature of data science analysis.
Data Gathering Solution for Joy Global
Data Gathering Solution for Joy Global
Joy Global's existing business processes required customers to work through an unstable legacy system to collect mass volumes of data. With inadequate processes and tools, field level analytics were not sufficient to properly inform business decisions.
Thingworx Helps EET Monitor Real-Time Energy Savings
Thingworx Helps EET Monitor Real-Time Energy Savings
Embedded Energy Technology (EET) wanted to build a dashboard for their customers to visualize the data analytics for the stream systems. They wanted the readings collected from the sensors to provide a complete picture of what is happening inside the component, and are displayed in a Web Portal that analyzes and presents the data in a concise format. The dashboard interface will also let customers set up email and text message alerts to be triggered when temperatures of the sensors customer select fall outside of the range they set. Summary reports are emailed monthly that highlight total energy savings, component health and month-over-month / year-over-year comparisons.
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