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Search by more than 300 variables, across technology, industry, function, use case, country, and revenue.
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Discover 3,589 of the world’s leading technology providers and startups building next generation solutions
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Track technology adoption trends across 13,538 case studies that are mapped to suppliers and use cases


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Compare solutions & gain insights into tech adoption trends through real case studies.

Case studies explain impact & benefits of solutions and are mapped to suppliers and use cases for easy reference. Quickly find and cross-analyze use cases with our extensive filtering options.
Discover specialist startups & leading tech providers matching your exact requirements.

The same set of 300 variables is available to filter through suppliers or case studies. Filter by technology capabilities, industry, function, use case, country, revenue and more.
Gain access to detailed supplier profiles highlighting strengths & characteristics.

Our database features thousands of industrial technology providers from across the world. Compare assets, solutions, capabilities and more to assess compatibility and download profiles for convenient internal communication.

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