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IoT ONE Index: IIoT vendors in Manufacturing

Published on 12/30/2016 | IoT Index

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Ho YueLong

Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.



For this week's IoT ONE Index, we will be featuring Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) vendors related to manufacturing and the countries that they are based in. IoT ONE featured 325 manufacturing-related IIoT vendors, out of which 152 of them are located in the United States.

Accenture Consulting: Making the most of the IIoT in Manufacturing

Manufacturers can leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to achieve "smart" - intelligent and connected - production processes.

Accenture Consulting presented a roadmap to guide IIoT companies, exploring 6 key dimensions, namely Equipment, Workforce, Materials Supply Chain, Business Process, Platform and Facility & Environment, all of which are integral to achieve smart production.

IIoT and Manufacturing in the United States

IoT ONE captured a total of 152 manufacturing-related vendors headquarted in the US.

In a survey of US manufacturers, PwC observed that manufacturers are making "impressive strides in leveraging more data in their operations". Furthermore, manufacturers are also responding to customer needs by embedding intelligence into their products to increase the functionality.

Still, with Trump's win in the election, perhaps there's more to be done.

Pablo Valerio from EE Times writes, "What Trump has been promising to all those hopeful factory workers, in my opinion, is to bring back their former jobs - or keep the current ones - doing things 'the old fashion way'. Trump never talked about improving efficiency, training current workers in new technologies, or improving development of Industry 4.0 tools such as IoT, robotics and 3D Printing."

Manufacturing IIoT in Germany

Yibada reported the results of a recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey of 300 U.S. and German manufacturing executives that showed a much greater enthusiasm for IoT by the Europeans.

It found that only 17% of both American and German manufacturers had applied digital solutions to their factories to date. However, while over 40% of German companies plan to take the step in the future, about one-quarter of American businesses do.

Germany currently ranks second on IoT ONE's platform but given the country's IIoT potential, the number of manufacturing-related IIoT vendors might overtake US' in the future.

China's context

According to an article by the China Economic Net, China has called for a global effort to jointly set up a demonstration platform for the Internet of Things and promote the healthy development of the global IoT industry.

The statement released in Beijing advocates a global effort to build universal IoT standards and establish a world IoT fund to support the global development of IoT industry.

China ranks a close 3rd when it comes to the number of manufacturing-related IIoT vendors on IoT ONE. Nonetheless, Liu Yanshen, vice director of the National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning said that the IoT is the "direction and driving force of the new industrial revolution, and China needs to grasp the opportunity to build an international system for the IoT". Highly advocated by the government and related alliances, one can indeed expect the number of vendors to increase exponentially in the near future.

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