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Royal Oaks Mobile App

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 Royal Oaks Mobile App - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Royal Oaks App is a golf course mobile application based on Android and iOS platforms to enhance the golf experience on the course. The client requirement was to build an app using which they can track all the players, manage all the players who are currently playing, and provide some facility to players through this app. They wanted a GPS screen on this application which helps the player to know about his current status. Also, the player can see the details about how fast he is playing and how fast he can be. Using this app the user can order food as well.

The Solution

This page has information about the golf course, which the application is configured with.

The application includes features like GPS, golfer member profile, events information, course guide or tour, food, and beverage menu, the contact information of the royal oak country club.

Each feature can be accessed using a separate icon. The first icon is a tee time. This feature enables the members to schedule rounds of golf, register for events, track their play history, and communicate with other members. In this section, there are links through which u can get to know about the schedule for a tee time, various latest tournament results. This section also tells about out of season guest play restriction and in season guest play restrictions. And the last link in this section gives information about upcoming events.

The second section is GPS. This page is basically to track the member location on the golf course. The key feature of this page is, at the time member comes into the page, the app starts tracking his location in a specific time interval and when that member comes across to a particular region (Hole), the app will start updating his location to the admin panel. If the user stays in that location, the app will keep on updating his location to the admin panel in a specific time interval even if the user exits from the app. As soon as the member leaves the area, the app stops updating his location to the admin panel. But it keeps on track.

The third section is Course info which gives information about Royal Oaks Country Club and the application.

The events section gives information about upcoming events and displays the complete list of events that can be added to the device calendar.

The yardage guide section gives information about various holes on the yardage.

Members section includes a complete profile of the member golfer with their contact details.

Order Food section has a food and beverage menu and the option to place an order from the app. This feature is again for premium users only. They can choose food from the given list and add it to the cart and order. The app sends its food details to the admin panel and the rest is handled by the admin.

Contact Info section has contact information of the Royal Oaks Country Club

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