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How Industrial IoT Is Making Metal Forging Industry Smarter

Published on 12/06/2018 | Technology

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Alice Smith

Marketing Manager. Altizon Systems


The Forging Industry – Today

The fundamental issue with the forging industry is its mindset of operating 24 x7 to maximize production output. Majority of the forging companies see that they run all the lines for all three shifts. The industry measures its capacity in metric tons irrespective of what’s its real capacity. The habit of measuring capacity in metric tons (MT) undermines the overall equipment effectiveness. In below paper, we will highlight the current challenges faced by the forging industry and how the latest technology brings opportunities for higher business goals with lesser capex.

Time to look at ‘Time’ as a measure of capacity

Referring to the AIFI report, “The industry believes its capacity is 3.77 MMT.” However, this is only the installed capacity. Mere by running machines 24 x 7 (three shifts), factories cannot achieve full capacity. Often there are pockets of downtime, underutilization or non-utilization of installed capacity, and issues with OEE that affects the real capacity. Its high time for the industry to change its definition of capacity from metric tons to time-based.

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