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Schneider Automation PLCs

Schneider Automation PLCs - RTI Industrial IoT Case Study
Application Infrastructure & Middleware - API Integration & Management
Discrete Manufacturing

Schneider Automation wanted a solution to its PLCs on the factory floor so that they can meet cost target for manufacturing systems. The challenges were that the solution needed to connect smaller PLCs and embedded devices that have limited storages or processing capacities.

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Schneider Electric SE is a European multinational corporation that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management with more than 167,000 employees worldwide.
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Schneider Electric SE
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Connext DDS Micro implements a subset of the DDS API and features. However, it has all of the essential communication and data features of the full implementation, so in practice, a device running the resource-constrained version can be treated just like a device with the full version. Both Connext DDS and Connext DDS Micro are 100% compatible with the OMG DDS-RTPS wire protocol. Thus, any kind of device or sensor can be plugged into the network and communicate openly with regular nodes. Software Components - Connext DDS software

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[Data Management - Data Analysis]
Cloud solutions enable aggregation of 'big data' to enable more robust analysis and lower costs.
[Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
Ongoing application development and improvements are relatively quick and inexpensive to implement due to the system's flexibility.
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