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Neurothink Takes Machine Learning Mainstream

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 Neurothink Takes Machine Learning Mainstream - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Expanding access to AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and ML have recently begun to move from the rarefied world of universities and labs onto the shop floor and into the office. But daunting challenges remain, limiting access for those who lack the engineering background to use the technology or maintain the infrastructure to support it. Recognizing these barriers were preventing a broad spectrum of visionaries from harnessing the power of AI and ML, neurothink decided to make these technologies ‘radically accessible’ to unleash the creativity of countless innovators.

To deliver ML-as-a-Service (MLaaS) to a broad audience, neurothink created an end-to-end environment to equip users with the tools to easily build, train and deploy AI models. The solution provides a workflow that is secure, automated, and customizable. The US start-up plans to expand access to the data science discipline, transforming AI with efficient access to the most powerful computing resources for scientists and providing an everyday tool for enterprises, students, and hobbyists. With lower barriers to access, machine learning can be harnessed for projects ranging from mapping the ocean floor and understanding traffic patterns to determine the ideal site to erect a windmill.

The Customer
About The Customer

The name neurothink is derived from two complementary concepts: Hebbian Rule and the thinking machine

Neurothink's vision is to remove complexity from AI/ML by providing industry-leading compute and virtualization resources in a secure, customizable and automated workflow.

The Solution

Enterprise-ready on start-up resources

To deliver on its promise to make AI/ML more accessible, neurothink needed an automated, efficient platform, delivering huge amounts of computing power in a secure environment. Seizing first-mover advantage depends on getting to market quickly, so neurothink needs a superior product. The company has one shot at getting its debut right.

Creating shared resources

The VMware engagement is built on VMware Cloud Foundation, enabling neurothink to manage virtual machines and container-based workloads with ease. Specifically, the solution includes VMware Carbon Black Cloud to deliver visibility into the software stack; Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition for container-based workloads; and VMware vSphere BitFusion to virtualize hardware accelerators such as graphical processing units (GPUs) to provide a pool of shared, network-accessible resources. The VMware solution provides secure compute power to enable neurothink customers to customize the environment to their needs.

High performance is vital for neurothink, as any downtime or disruption can quickly affect the user experience and cause reputational concerns. VMware Tanzu Observability proactively monitors the company’s infrastructure servers, identifying issues quicker and enabling neurothink to resolve them before they impact performance.

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