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Metlac Case Study - VMware (DELL) Industrial IoT Case Study
Metlac Case Study
• Greater agility, flexibility and control • Cost reduction and process innovation • Improved user experience on a range of workstations and devices
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Global fully-virtualized SAP - VMware (DELL) Industrial IoT Case Study
Global fully-virtualized SAP
Deliver a global, agile, high-performance application delivery platform that improves service delivery and productivity.
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How CloudHealth Enables Thales DIS’ FinOps Strategy - VMware (DELL) Industrial IoT Case Study
How CloudHealth Enables Thales DIS’ FinOps Strategy
Thales DIS began its journey to the cloud after recognizing the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows flexibility of the public cloud in terms of costs and diversity of services. The team quickly moved a dozen legacy solutions to AWS by lifting and shifting, the main objective is to keep customers happy while respecting the service-level agreement.After implementing AWS, Thales DIS found it was difficult to control cloud costs. Within its Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team, the FinOps team was created and tasked with controlling and monitoring the costs of the public cloud, but the cloud providers’ native tools they were using were not able to answer all of their needs.The team soon recognized the need for a comprehensive cloud management platform to attain visibility into the growing cloud environment and to implement cost optimization practices.
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The Car of Tomorrow is Built by Innovative, Modern Technology and Apps - VMware (DELL) Industrial IoT Case Study
The Car of Tomorrow is Built by Innovative, Modern Technology and Apps
Challenges faced when developing the connected car of tomorrowOver four million Hyundai vehicles are currently connected to the cloud, with this number expected to increase year over year. Hyundai AutoEver aims to provide personalized digital experiences for drivers, but to do so, the company had to be willing to modernize its applications and technology.One example of what they needed to modernize is their Bluelink® mobile app. This luxurious, connected car service offers remote start, door lock and unlock, on-demand diagnostics and alerts, destination search, remote car finder, and more capabilities.
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Neurothink Takes Machine Learning Mainstream - VMware (DELL) Industrial IoT Case Study
Neurothink Takes Machine Learning Mainstream
Expanding access to AI and machine learningArtificial intelligence (AI) and ML have recently begun to move from the rarefied world of universities and labs onto the shop floor and into the office. But daunting challenges remain, limiting access for those who lack the engineering background to use the technology or maintain the infrastructure to support it. Recognizing these barriers were preventing a broad spectrum of visionaries from harnessing the power of AI and ML, neurothink decided to make these technologies ‘radically accessible’ to unleash the creativity of countless innovators.To deliver ML-as-a-Service (MLaaS) to a broad audience, neurothink created an end-to-end environment to equip users with the tools to easily build, train and deploy AI models. The solution provides a workflow that is secure, automated, and customizable. The US start-up plans to expand access to the data science discipline, transforming AI with efficient access to the most powerful computing resources for scientists and providing an everyday tool for enterprises, students, and hobbyists. With lower barriers to access, machine learning can be harnessed for projects ranging from mapping the ocean floor and understanding traffic patterns to determine the ideal site to erect a windmill.
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Techedge Deploys a Flexible, Secure Kubernetes Platform - VMware (DELL) Industrial IoT Case Study
Techedge Deploys a Flexible, Secure Kubernetes Platform
Technological DNA, digital soulTechedge helps organizations speed up their digital transformation through ongoing innovation, developing services and solutions that combine business consulting, technology expertise, and a passion for innovation. With a business vision based on pragmatism and fast delivery, it adds value to businesses while strengthening customers’ confidence through shared goals and long-term relationships. Its presence in international markets enables the scalability and geographic coverage of a global supplier, plus the commitment of a local partner, and the ability of a trusted strategic advisor.A scalable container platformTechedge has been developing business apps based on container architecture, particularly Kubernetes, for many years. This has enabled it to move away from monolithic legacy apps to offer cloud-native apps based on microservices that require easier maintenance, are more agile, and lead to lower costs and unlimited scalability in the long run.The new line of business began to grow, making it necessary to move from the public cloud to a larger platform, with many more containers. Such a platform required special customization, not just for the apps but also for the container-based model in general, in terms of both security and optimization settings, and customer preferences. This was not possible in the public cloud.
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