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Inventory & Asset Tracking for Chemical Supplies: A Case Study on Modern Exterminating Company

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 Inventory & Asset Tracking for Chemical Supplies: A Case Study on Modern Exterminating Company - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM)
  • Functional Applications - Inventory Management Systems
Applicable Industries
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Retail
Applicable Functions
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
Use Cases
  • Inventory Management
  • Track & Trace of Assets
  • System Integration
The Customer

Modern Exterminating Co., Inc.

About The Customer
Modern Exterminating Co., Inc. is a long-standing, family-owned local independent pest control company based in Columbia, SC. They service a 50-mile radius from downtown Columbia and have over 11,000 customers in the greater Columbia area. Their services extend to a variety of structures including educational institutions, food plants, healthcare facilities, hotels & lodging, property management, restaurants, retail stores, small businesses, and warehouses & storage facilities. The company was facing challenges in managing over 100 stock and asset line items, which led them to seek an efficient inventory management solution.
The Challenge
Modern Exterminating Company (MEC), a family-owned pest control company in Columbia, SC, faced a significant challenge in managing their inventory. With over 100 stock and asset line items, including pesticides, equipment, materials, and supplies, the company was experiencing issues with supply misplacement and loss. The lack of asset and inventory accountability, security, and protection was a major concern. The company needed a solution that would allow them to control and track their inventory in real-time, keep track of pesticide expiration dates, and monitor chemical usage without the need for technicians and departments. The challenge was to find an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly inventory management solution that could meet these needs.
The Solution
MEC implemented an inventory management system, BarCloud, to track the usage of their stock and asset items. The system allowed them to monitor items as they were sent out to employees for use on jobs and to stay on top of pesticide expiration dates. BarCloud enabled MEC to ensure that their pesticides and repair materials were being used for jobs and not misplaced or taken. The system also provided lot traceability and expiration date tracking for their pesticides. This helped MEC to keep track of usage and when their pesticides were going to expire. The system also provided low inventory alerts to prevent running out of materials or supplies. MEC also utilized the Scheduled Reporting feature of BarCloud to see the history of everything that had been taken out, enabling them to identify if something was missing or had been taken.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of BarCloud has brought about significant operational improvements for MEC. The system's user-friendly interface and quick setup time have made it easy for the company to adapt to the new system. The time spent on counting inventory and ordering has been significantly reduced, freeing up resources for other tasks. The system's security and traceability features have improved inventory accountability, reducing instances of misplaced or stolen items. The ability to track pesticide expiration dates has also enhanced safety and compliance. Overall, the system has provided MEC with a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution for their inventory management needs.
Quantitative Benefit
  • MEC saved tens of thousands of dollars on chemical inventory.
  • The system took less than a day to set up, with a learning curve of about a week.
  • MEC only needs to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day to enter their information into the system.

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