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Ikon Science Enhances Customer Experience with Flexible Monetization and Delivery Models

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Technology Category
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Cloud Computing
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
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  • Buildings
  • Cement
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  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Product Research & Development
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  • Building Automation & Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
  • System Integration
The Customer
About The Customer
Ikon Science is a global provider of knowledge management solutions to optimize subsurface discovery. For over two decades, Ikon’s dedicated service-minded teams have applied deep scientific expertise and technology innovation to help customers extract more actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data. By bringing digital transformation to knowledge management, Ikon helps customers make the best moves— improving accuracy, accelerating results, and lowering costs. Ikon Science aims to elevate the customer experience by providing flexibility through license models and the release of new solutions with different delivery methods.
The Challenge
Ikon Science, a global provider of knowledge management solutions for subsurface discovery, faced a challenge with its homegrown license generator. The company wanted to offer its customers a wider range of licensing models, including usage or pay-per-use, token-based models, and the option to use cloud-based license servers. However, the existing license provisioning process was outdated and did not deliver the experience that Ikon envisioned for its customers. The homegrown solution was difficult to maintain and required significant engineering resources to improve. Ikon Science wanted its engineers to focus on its core products and decided to retire its homegrown solution and leverage a standard product.
The Solution
Ikon Science chose to implement Revenera's full monetization platform, which included entitlement management and licensing technology. Revenera’s entitlement management system, FlexNet Operations, became the core of Ikon’s new process, automatically managing the provisioning process and interaction with the licensing technology used in Ikon’s software products. Ikon found native support for a variety of application platforms like Java C/C++ in Revenera’s Monetization Platform. They also appreciated the support for a mix of local license servers and cloud license servers. The teams found Revenera’s licensing technology easy to implement and use, and it supported a wide range of monetization models, covering Ikon’s current and future needs.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Revenera’s monetization platform has enabled Ikon Science to provide more flexibility to its diverse customer base. Customers can now choose the license models that best suit their needs. The updated and more efficient license generator has made the license provision process smoother and more efficient for both the Ikon licensing team and its customers. This has saved customers valuable time and enabled them to maximize their investment in the software applications. Ikon Science now has more control over any entitlements created and deployed, enhancing the overall security environment. For prospective customers, Ikon Science can now manage evaluations and short-term trials using cloud license servers, providing a shorter and more seamless path to experiencing the benefits of the software.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Ikon Science can generate different types of licenses much faster than before.
  • The license provision process for both the Ikon licensing team and its customers is smoother and more efficient, saving customers valuable time.
  • Ikon Science can now manage evaluations and short-term trials using cloud license servers, saving the customer the need to install and manage any license server.

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