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Elevating Tenant Engagement and Branding: The Swig Company's Partnership with HqO

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About The Customer
The Swig Company is a privately-owned real estate investor operator based out of San Francisco with a venerable 80-year history of investment, development, partnership, and management of commercial properties in major U.S. markets. The company owns and operates several properties in the Bay Area, including 501 Second Street, 444 Castro Street, and The Mills Building. These properties accommodate a diverse range of tenants and boast various amenities such as on-site parking with EV chargers, shower and bike rooms, outdoor terraces, fitness centers, and conference facilities. The company is known for its commitment to tenant engagement, workplace innovation, sustainability, and community impact.
The Challenge
The Swig Company, a privately-owned real estate investor operator based in San Francisco, was seeking to modernize its tenant engagement strategies and further establish its brand. The company had already invested heavily in tenant engagement, but needed a more advanced platform to spread its company culture and brand. The company's approach to their Bay Area office buildings was focused on placing the customer first and re-invigorating an already energetic workplace culture. However, they needed to expand upon their existing tenant programming in a way that was both meaningful and adaptable with the times. This included placing emphasis on their return to the workplace, corporate social responsibility efforts, and sustainability initiatives to keep their tenants informed, aligned, and involved with the company’s progressive goals. The challenge was further compounded by the arrival of COVID-19, which separated their workforce and necessitated a tool for staying in contact with tenants and conveying important information.
The Solution
The Swig Company partnered with HqO, a provider of a robust Workplace Experience Platform. The partnership was driven by Swig's community-focused mission and the need for a platform that could not only holistically channel their h3experiences initiative, but one that could integrate with existing building amenities and features to enable tenant use in a seamless way. From 2019 to 2020, HqO’s team worked closely with Swig to review their goals and provide custom solutions that would invigorate their tenant experience strategies across the three designated properties. As COVID-19 concerns grew, they were also able to leverage their building app to assist with office re-entry concerns by disseminating important information across their properties, while simultaneously nurturing their relationship with their communities through virtual engagement and programming such as surveys, fitness sessions, and even an opportunity to donate meals to frontline workers through local restaurants.
Operational Impact
  • The partnership with HqO allowed The Swig Company to achieve their goals of elevating the h3experiences brand and remaining connected with their tenants. They were able to expand their capabilities to connect directly with the people working in their buildings and convey important information, especially during the pandemic. The company received positive tenant feedback for their efforts and innovative programming. They were also able to promote their corporate social responsibility efforts, such as California wildfire relief and support for a local charter school, through the app. The company is currently seeking to build on the HqO platform, exploring options to implement the app across more of its properties in the Southern California area.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Over 50% of app users have been actively engaged month-to-month
  • An impressive 53% of tenant employees are already signed up for the app at 501 Second Street
  • Events programming, such as free chair massages and smoothies, has received the most engagement and clicks in the app (reaching as high as 81% of app users in the 501 Second Street building)

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