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ConGlobal's Pioneering Journey Towards Fleet Electrification

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  • Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
  • Functional Applications - Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
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  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Transportation
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  • Facility Management
  • Logistics & Transportation
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  • Fleet Management
  • Transportation Simulation
About The Customer
ConGlobal is one of the leading operators of intermodal, finished vehicle, and depot service terminals in North America. The company operates with a fleet of 553 vehicles in the intermodal rail business and provides nearly 7 million lifts for customers on the rail. ConGlobal has always been committed to operating sustainably, consistently investing in sustainable operations and staying well ahead of government-imposed regulations and timelines. The company has a diverse fleet and was interested in transitioning from diesel to electric vehicles as part of its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.
The Challenge
ConGlobal, one of the largest transportation support companies in the U.S., was faced with the challenge of transitioning towards sustainable operations. The transportation and logistics industry is a significant contributor to CO2 emissions, and recent legislation has been pushing for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from private sector operations. ConGlobal, however, has always been proactive in its approach towards sustainability, staying ahead of government-imposed regulations and timelines. They were particularly interested in transitioning from diesel to electric vehicles (EVs). However, this transition represented a significant investment of time and resources, especially considering the diverse needs of ConGlobal’s mixed fleet. They needed a systematic, data-driven plan for electrifying their fleet, starting with a pilot.
The Solution
To address this challenge, ConGlobal began reviewing utilization and fleet idling reports for each of their sites within Samsara, a Connected Operations Cloud. This allowed them to identify areas of opportunity to implement EVs and improve sustainability. With these tools, ConGlobal could rightsize their fleet, reallocate equipment, and better understand where EV investments would make sense. They also used Samsara to build an 'Easter Sunday view'—a view of their operations at full capacity—that provided an understanding of their vehicle utilization. This data was instrumental in convincing their leadership to invest in EVs. It also allowed them to be better prepared to outfit each facility's fleet, repurpose or dispose of underperforming equipment, and work to reduce idling.
Operational Impact
  • ConGlobal's commitment to sustainability and the support from their leaders have allowed them to stay ahead of the game in terms of fleet electrification. They have been able to secure resources early, placing orders for new EVs before production, which has allowed them to get ahead of anticipated supply chain issues. The transition to EVs has had a far-reaching impact on their operations, contributing to their emissions goals, saving fuel, and improving worksite safety. For instance, their storage depot facility no longer had to keep fuel on-site because of the transition to EVs, which eliminated the safety concern of having flammable fuel on site.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Implemented 35 EVs in their operations
  • Plans to order another 12 to 15 EVs by the end of the year
  • Removed two fuel tanks from their storage depot facility due to the transition to EVs

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