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Transparent Displays

Also known as the see-through display, transparent displays are an electronic display that allows the user to see what is shown on the glass screen while still being able to see through it.
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Transparent displays with OLEDs are the most commonly produced forms of see-through displays on the market or in development. OLED screens have two layers of glass on both sides of the OLED, which consist of an emissive and conductive layer. Electrical impulses travel through the conductive layer and produce light at the emissive layer. This is different from LCD's in that OLED's produce their own light, which allows the screens to be much thinner, while LCD's need to be backlit. The narrow gap between the pixels of the screen as well as the clear cathodes within allow the screens to be transparent. These types of screen have been notoriously difficult and expensive to produce in the past, but are now becoming more common as the method of manufacturing them is advancing.
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