Terms Glossary A Automatic Incident Detection
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Automatic Incident Detection (AID)

Automatic incident detection (AID) aims to detect incidents automatically and quickly so that the problem can be dealt with and the roads restored to normal operation as soon as possible. The detection system could be CCTV using image processing.
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The AID system can be used in combination with the traffic flow measurement (TFM) device that measures the road occupancy, average speed, and the number of vehicles, and determines the type of vehicles. This is helpful for making plans of road construction. Since the AID system constantly processes image data, there is no restriction of the number of monitors, and an incident can be detected in real time. Surveillance staff can closely check the incident location or the circumstances before and after the occurrence of the incident based on the information provided by the system and by the use of the zooming and turning functions of the CCTV cameras.
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