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Terms Predictive Maintenance
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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Dependable production planning and maximum machine availability through the avoidance of unscheduled downtime are the practical advantages of what is internationally known as predictive maintenance. 

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On the basis of real-time data, all relevant parameters of the machines involved in the manufacturing process are acquired and evaluated for anomalies by means of stream analytics. In a subsequent machine learning process, specific fault patterns and the causes of a problem are detected in good time. This results in fewer rejects and maximum availability over the entire life cycle of the production line. The requirements on machine operating times vary depending on the specific branch of industry and its product cycles. While this could be up to 30 years in the aerospace sector, it is a matter of just a few months in the case of fast-moving goods, such as smartphones. With the aim of enabling an accurate assessment of the future performance of the machine or one of its components, intelligent predictive maintenance systems interconnect the largest possible amount of data from decentralized sources for the purpose of analysis.

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