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LTE-Vehicular (LTE-V)

LTE-Vehicular (LTE-V) is the application of vehicular connectivity over the existing operator mobile network infrastructure. LTE-V can be rapidly and inexpensively deployed by reusing the existing cellular infrastructure and spectrum.
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LTE-V makes urban transport safer and more efficient by allowing vehicle-vehicle, people-vehicle, and vehicle-network communications over the operators; existing networks. With the feature of one chipset for all, LTE-V generates lower integration costs for car OEMs.According to Huaweis analysis, with the same user density, the reliability of data transmission by LTE-Vis much higher (70%) than DSRC. From an economic perspective, LTE-V is a better solution for V2X deployment, which complies with the development of sharing economy. The value of LTE-V has aroused the interest of some MNOs, car OEMS and other parties. For instance, MNO giants from European countries have started to work with several car companies on trials of LTE-V technology, although some car companies have spent a lot of money and more than 10 years on DSRC’s technology assessment and commercialization. Thus, there are some LTE-V supporters, who believe that with the late-mover advantage the new technology would supplement or even totally replace DSRC in the future.
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