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sensemetrics is a leading innovator in the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) market. The company offers the only market-proven cloud-based enterprise-level software platform that transforms industrial sensor data into real-time situational awareness, enabling active risk management and safety solutions instantly. The result is reduced infrastructure cost, improved asset utilization, higher operational efficiency and increased safety. Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest government agencies rely on sensemetrics’ IIoT platform to power smarter decision making in their organizations, enabling seamless collaboration and integration with existing systems and IT architecture. sensemetrics is leading the way to establish a safer future.
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The sensemetrics Platform
An end-to-end solution for complete sensor data capture, standardization and real-time data visualization.


Device Network Management
Cloud-based communication tools to configure, commission, and remotely manage distributed Wireless Sensor Networks.

Content Deployment
Securely deploy your sensor control and processing code to the edge using our integrated cloud and edge management controls.

Cloud Data Archive
Stream data to sensemetrics Cloud and only pay for the initial data transfer. Indefinite storage means you never have to worry about data download or archive.

Sensor Calibration
Sensor manufacturer integrations provide instantaneous sensor calibration for analog sensors, reducing setup time and error sources.

Calculation Engine
Event-driven architecture provides dynamic temporal and spatial calculations of sensor data for front-end and data-driven developers.

User Authentication
Organizational permission controls provide seamless collaboration capabilities with oAuth and Active Directory based user access.
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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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