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Scortex is an automated visual inspection platform for quality control. The mission of Scortex is to improve production process by consolidating production knowledge and provide tools to facilitate the decision making.
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Make Your Quality Control SMART
Entirely designed, built and maintained by our team, Scortex solution integrates the necessary automation, lights, cameras, hardware, software, IoT and AI capabilities.

Installed on your automated manufacturing line or stand-alone with a conveyor designed for your parts, the Solution will detect, label, sort and actuate according to the defects learned from your Quality Control Specialists.

Integrated with your EMS, your ERP or independently, the Solution generates Quality Control reports for each part and allow remote live-monitoring of your quality Key Performance Indicators.
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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
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IBHsoftec is specialized in development and production of automation solutions for industry. Their primary field is PLC technology, focusing on PLC programming systems and SoftPLC solutions. In this environment all substantial developments of the past years are settled. The spectrum reaches from OPC UA Server, over SoftPLC solutions, debuggers and simulators, from comfortable programming systems for Step5 and Step7 PLCs, up to special network solutions for the linkage of PC and PLC components.
ASSET InterTech
ASSET InterTech
ASSET InterTech is the leading supplier of open tools for embedded instrumentation to engineers doing design validation, test and debug. The ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments provides automation, access and analysis tools in one environment. Users can quickly and easily validate and test semiconductors, circuit boards or entire systems during every phase of a product's lifecycle, including design, manufacturing/repair and field maintenance.The ScanWorks platform for non-intrusive board test (NBT) technologies, such as boundary-scan test, processor-controlled test (PCT) and built-in self test (BIST), helps engineers improve the quality of their systems by solving limited access problems.ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics helps designers and field support technicians debug intermittent, irreproducible software and hardware defects in the lab and in the field which are often the source of costly NTFs and customer dissatisfaction. This allows companies to focus on continuous uptime, product differentiation, and high levels of customer service.
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