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Augmenta started its operations at the start of 2017, in Athens, Greece, by George Varvarelis and Dimitris Evangelopoulos, both farmers and embedded systems engineers and offers an Artificial Intelligence based solution comprised of a hardware device and a web platform, to any farmer, anywhere in the world that wants to have the best possible efficiency for every inch of his land and ultimately increase his seasonal net income. Augmenta’s “Field Analyzer”, is a plug and play device that can be attached to any tractor and can determine the amount of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides that every inch of the farm needs to reach to its full potential, all in real-time. Furthermore, Field Analyzer is capable of controlling agricultural machinery (e.g. fertilizer spreaders) also in real-time, applying the optimal amount of chemicals into every inch of the farm completely automatically and without the farmer lifting a finger. Finally, the farmer can use Augmenta’s field-viewer, the company’s easy to use web platform, to observe the progression of his field through visual data analytics which help him keep track of the results of Augmenta’s real time operation but also assist him on making data-driven, customized decisions for the future, in a farm level scale and not in a generic geographical (county or even state/country) level scale which is the norm today. Augmenta has completed successfully 2 years of pilots, in 24 fields having staggering results and is currently conducting data-based pilots with food companies like Barilla and partnered with NVIDIA for the development of its cutting edge deep learning device.
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Augmenta's Field Analyzer is retrofit to your equipment, scans and analyses crops as you move across the field and instantly controls the spreader or sprayer to make sure that only the required amount of crop inputs is applied exactly where needed.

How does it work?
Field Analyzer and its 6-12 multispectral cameras, is using real time image processing and AI technologies to measure canopy shape, size & light reflectance to ultimately determine the perfect amount of crop inputs for every spot.
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Developing custom hardware for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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We have been proposing best sollution to resolve the problems totally for mainly FA companies, from the development to production, sales, follow-up service since 1981.
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