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AI-Based Robot Calibration - QBurst Industrial IoT Case Study
AI-Based Robot Calibration
The client was in the process of developing a smart table tennis robot that can be controlled by a mobile app. The app can be used by players to configure or choose from a list of pre-programmed drills. The robot plays the drills and programs as per user configuration; however, performance reduces over time due to aspects such as the wear and tear of machine parts. Additionally, faulty installation, errors in table dimensions, and alignment changes caused during shipping impact accuracy.QBurst was tasked with improving firmware performance. The project would focus on enhancements to the calibration mechanism of robots leading to improved gameplay and user satisfaction. The client wanted the calibration mechanism to be easy to use and repeatable.
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Intelligent Prescriptive Pricing - QBurst Industrial IoT Case Study
Intelligent Prescriptive Pricing
The client faced challenges in analyzing variables that impact pricing and required an intelligent system that would predict the optimal price that aligns with business objectives. There was a need to improve efficiency in the existing RFP and pricing workflow.Delays in determining lane-level pricing and bid analysis for shipping contractsAnalyzing large amounts of internal and external data from various sources was time-consumingLow bid win rate
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IoT Testing for Home Automation Solution - QBurst Industrial IoT Case Study
IoT Testing for Home Automation Solution
The client wanted to ensure that new features in the home automation platform were thoroughly tested before launch.QA for Wi-Fi door locks (software and firmware)Interoperability testingMulti-country (localization) testingAutomation of the Regression Suite (web/mobile/API)Performance and security auditing
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