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MOVUS is a provider of Industrial Internet of Things solutions.

We build industry vertical solutions from custom sensors to cloud-based analytics, we're bringing sustainability to industry.

We enable industry to reduce waste, increase efficiency and empower people.
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Understanding how your equipment is operating is key to reducing maintenance and unplanned outages. MOVUS' Machine Learning algorithms learn and understand what is the 'normal' state of operation of your equipment in less then 14 days.

MOVUS' FitMachine solution provides insights into equipment condition and health. MOVUS is bringing Data Science to drive optimal maintenance and empower your team to make the right decision.

FitMachine is an innovative and cost effective solution that can reduce cost, risk while improving safe operations and maintenance.

Three different products have been developed for the rail industry. IdleAlert to assist with fuel consumption reduction, SmartWagon to measure the forces between the wagons and therefore assist to increase the overall payload, and SmartRail to map the condition of the rails by combining data from multiple sensors located on different locomotives.

These innovative and cost effective solutions can reduce cost, risk and maintenance while improving safe operations.
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Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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