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Korea Telecom

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To be the best ICT company in the world, we introduced 5G, the next-generation network, to the world, and we are leading the 4th industrial revolution with our innovative network.

We introduced GiGA services like GiGA Internet, GiGA LTE and GiGA Wi-Fi, and realized GiGA speed in both wired and wireless communication.

We will continue to intensively foster the 5 platforms while becoming a global ICT company based on network technology.

KT is:

A platform business providing new media consumption experience and leading the next-generation media based on Korea's No. 1 IPTV.

A business which creates new energy market based on the KT-MEG, the world's first integrated energy management platform.

A business system for value empowerment by integrating KT Group's technology capability and know-how.

A platform business which provides customized financial trade service for customers based on its fintech capabilities such as verification and payment.

Intelligent Safety business which delivers service and infrastructure for 'safety and reliable' for people based on intelligent analysis and monitoring Platform

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Providing network connectivity to allow communication between devices, things, and operators.
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KT-MEG: Korea’s Smart Energy System
KT-MEG: Korea’s Smart Energy System
Across the globe, governments and energy suppliers are increasingly recognising the advantages of renewable and smart energy systems. However, according to the Korea Energy Agency, as of May 2017, only 6.61% of South Korea’s electricity is generated by renewable energy sources. 6.61% South Korea’s electricty generated by renewable sources Korea Energy Agency, May 2017 Compounding this issue was Korea’s tightly controlled energy market. Until 2015, the generation and supply of Korea’s energy was the exclusive responsibility of KEPCO, Korea’s dedicated utility company. Recognising the need for stimulation in this sector, the government introduced phased liberalization of the country’s energy market, which eventually enabled competitors to enter the market. At the same time, the government-sponsored R&D project ‘Korea Micro Energy Grid’ was launched, allowing KT to develop
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