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United States
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51 - 200
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Innovapptive is a Digital Transformation pioneer offering the only Connected Worker Platform that digitalizes the last mile of frontline workers into SAP technologies. Our solutions integrate GIS operational data and data from SAP solutions with work instructions, SOPs and checklists, connecting the entire industrial workforce, machines, workflows and executives to minimize plant outages and maximize margins. Innovapptive is transforming the experience of the industrial worker by engineering a platform that fuels innovation and collaboration to turn downtime into revenues, risks into safety and inefficiencies into growth. Innovapptive is headquartered in Houston with offices in Australia, the Netherlands and India. Learn more at

IoT Solutions

Reinvent Your Mission-Critical Operations with Powerful Connected Worker Solutions Innovapptive’s portfolio of applications are turnkey, field-ready, and specially designed to address the unique challenges in your industry. Customize your experience using the built-in Rapid App Configuration Engine (RACE). The applications work on any type of mobile device or platform and are SAP Certified and BYOD friendly. 1. Work Order Management: Increase work order efficiency while reducing operating costs by connecting managers and field technicians with vital back-office data and automated tools. 2. Operator-Rounds: Conditionally monitor your equipment and leverage real-time performance data to manage risks, identify cost-saving opportunities, and analyze the value of your asset investments. 3. Inspections-&-Checklists: Simplify and streamline manual paper forms and checklists with a mobile inspections checklist that allows you to create inspection forms with rules, workflow, Tracking and integration to core ERP systems. 4. Inventory-&-Warehouse-Management: Streamline daily inventory activities and gain real-time visibility and control over inventory and warehouse movement to reduce carrying costs. 5. Field-Service-Management: Accelerate field services, ensure SLA compliance, and resolve service orders on the first visit to decrease operating costs and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 6. Fixed-Asset-Tracking: Share information directly with your back-office SAP or ERP systems and centralize data to identify lost or stolen assets, eliminate overpayments, and align business activities with real-time inventory levels. 7. Field-Procurement: Use our technology to automate and streamline self-service procurement, track and manage spending, and reduce instances of non-compliance. 8. Analytics-&-Dashboards: Analytics and dashboards that give you complete insight into your organization’s maintenance and supply chain performance. Leverage our platform for streamlining the overall maintenance process and company reporting.

IoT Snapshot
[Vendor_Name] is active in the chemicals, mining, oil and gas, and utilities industries.
Technology Stack
Innovapptive’s Technology Stack maps Innovapptive’s participation in the IoT Technology stack.
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
  • Application Infrastructure & Middleware
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability:

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