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We believe that quantitative supply chains are the future: where every possible future gets a probability, where every possible decision gets an economic score, and where control is given back to management thanks to extensive automation. Lokad's goal is to make this future a reality. We help companies do more with their supply chains, their inventories and their production capacities than classical methods would ever allow. Our technology combines big data and Machine Learning. Our teams deliver the supply chain expertise. Lokad is the winner of the 2010 Microsft Azure Partner of the Year Award, and was named as one of Europe's 100 hottest startups by Wired Magazine (09/2012).

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AN OVERVIEW OF LOKAD Lokad delivers the best supply chain decisions that technology can produce. Decide when to reorder and how much to reorder. Decide when to produce more or when to liquidate. Decide how to re-balance stocks between locations. We provide an end-to-end solution that accounts for every demand pattern and every constraint that applies to your supply chain. Make the most of every single unit held in stock Inventory is a balance between the cost of stock and the cost of stockouts. Lokad not only forecasts the future demand in ways that are uniquely applicable to supply chain optimization, we also take into account all of your economic drivers to make the most of every single unit you buy. We do not merely minimize percents of forecasting error, but dollars or euros of error. The exact figures your company needs In order to generate a purchase order there are so many variables to be taken into account that it can be overwhelming: future demand, varying lead time, minimum order quantity, past stockouts, price breaks … yet Lokad manages as many drivers and constraints as it takes to produce the exact numbers needed by your company. Ecommerce, fashion, food industry, MRO, manufacturing: stocks are everywhere, but each industry has its very own challenges. Lokad focuses on helping you make the most of your data to help you optimize your inventory. Our solutions are tailored to address your unique needs and take your business to the next level of optimization.

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Kiravans, Street & House, Air France Industries, 3 sprouts, Purus International

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[Vendor_Name] is active in the aerospace, and retail industries.

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