Accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things
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Learn from Reality.
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HiKoB is a leading provider of wireless and scalable instrumentation systems that generate strategic data and information on your physical resources and assets to feed your information system.
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In a world with limited resources and confined space, the understanding and exploitation of our physical assets, capital goods, infrastructures, industrial equipments and machinery, is a crucial challenge for years to come.

HIKOB’s mission is to develop and provide wireless autonomous multi-points data acquisition system to capture information on the field and learn from reality, in all contexts and conditions.

HiKoB wireless instrumentation systems are at the heart of mission-critical applications for smart cities, intelligent transport systems, intelligent parking, structural health monitoring and protection and security systems. With the HiKoB OpenLab platform, HiKoB provides to the research & innovation community powerful hardware and software tools to prototype, develop and deploy innovative applications in the field of embedded wireless measure: motion capture, AHRS, biomechanics, biologging and robotics.
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Euro Media Group, INRIA, Salomon
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Sensors transform energy into electrical data; they are the eyes and ears of IoT. Actuators transform electrical data into energy; they are the muscle of IoT.
Technologies that enable legacy devices and other systems to connect to the IoT. They integrate technologies and protocols for networking.
Products used by end users that contain IoT technologies. Examples include enabled equipment, wearables, hand-held scanners, and tracking devices.
IoT sensors and devices that are worn or embedded into clothing or accessories.
IoT analytics includes real-time or edge computing and batch analysis. Analytics can be behavioral, descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive.
Data management solutions capture, index and store data in traditional database, cloud platforms, and fog systems for future use.
Number of Case Studies4
Wireless Vibratory Data Acquisition System for Maintenance
Wireless Vibratory Data Acquisition System for Maintenance
In the framework of its predictive maintenance offering, ONEPROD part of the ACOEM group provides monitoring solutions that allow to avoid unexpected breakdowns in industrial production tools. Traditionally ONEPROD was using wired data acquisition systems. However they were costly and hard to install in harsh environments or explosive zones, like in the oil & gas and mining industry. To cover the distance to connect and power the monitoring equipment considerable lengths of cable are required especially in industrial spaces with difficult access. Developing a wireless data acquisition system became a key success factor in the ONEPROD strategy in order to avoid any cabling issue and to improve the safety of the staff in charge of portable measures.
Wireless Nodes And Gateways to Power Research Platform on the IoT
Wireless Nodes And Gateways to Power Research Platform on the IoT
Supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) in the framework of the program for investments in the future, INRIA (the leading French research institute on ICT) drives the construction and installation of a research platform dedicated to the scientific community to test, simulate and develop around the future of Internet of Things (FIT). The FIT platform is composed of various subsystems among which a large-scale platform of smart objects: FIT IoT-LAB, managed by INRIA.
Parc Des Princes Stadium - Paris Monitoring of the Roof Structure
Parc Des Princes Stadium - Paris Monitoring of the Roof Structure
Advitam has acquired a solid expertise in civil infrastructures monitoring and assets management. During their life cycle, civil engineering structures and construction works are aging, deforming, deteriorating and their mechanical capacities are evolving. A sharp knowledge of the mechanical parameters evolution and the monitoring of physical data are key elements to define and execute predictive maintenance strategies as well as to manage the structure life cycle with balance and to ensure the required safety and security for the users of the civil engineering structure.
Number of Hardware5
WISECOD Wireless Magneto-Resistive Sensor
WISECOD Wireless Magneto-Resistive Sensor
HIKOB WISE COW is a new generation of wireless magneto resistive sensor node: ultra-compact and ultra-low power.
Wireless Ultra Low Power Acquisition Node
Wireless Ultra Low Power Acquisition Node
HIKOB WOLF is a new generation wireless ultra low power acquisition node.
HIKOB LION - Wireless and Ultra-low Power Mesh Router
HIKOB LION - Wireless and Ultra-low Power Mesh Router
HIKOB AZURE LION is a wireless and ultra-low power mesh router, operating in the 2.4GHz ISM bandwith and on the IEEE 802.15.4e standardized protocol.
Number of Similar Suppliers8
LumaSense Technologies
With a 50-year history of creating efficiencies through light-based measurement, LumaSense Technologies, Inc., delivers innovative temperature and gas sensing solutions for the Global Energy, Advanced Technologies, and Industrial Materals markets. With expert application understanding and a growing portfolio of products, LumaSense can combine several technologies together into novel solutions even for the most complex environments.
Transition Technologies
Transition Technologies PSC is a member of the Transition Technologies holding, a Polish softwarehouse. Since 1991 TT is developing software systems and modern technical solutions for national and international Customers.Transition Technologies PSC specializes in creating IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, especially connected Product Lifecycle Management software (PLM) and is also focused on industrial exploitation of the newest Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Their company consists of over 300 software, technical innovation and development methodology employees.
WEMS are designers & manufacturers of the world’s first completely wireless building energy management system, aimed at making Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) available to a wider market. Year founded: 1990
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