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Cloud of Things offers a unique connected device management solution for OEM product manufacturers and systems integrators (SIs). Based on patent-pending technology, the plug-and-play CoT DeviceTone™ Client instantly connects any device to any cloud, making the device IoT-ready within minutes.

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Cloud of Things' cloud backend is an infrastructure-agnostic, Docker® based and scalable IoT device management cloud that works seamlessly with external IoT clouds such as Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT and IBM Watson IoT, and with select CRM systems. Embedded Firmware package The embedded device Firmware package supports the leading IoT standards: AllJoyn, IoTivity and Google Weave and includes our CloudSwitch™ technology stack, enabling the device to communicate with select IoT clouds. Their patented low-footprint Firmware supports many existing chipsets and circuit boards, making it hardware agnostic to most devices, whether they’re IoT-enabled or not. Connected products management backend The Cloud of Things backend covers all aspects of connected product management needs, from a device repository to Tracking, lifecycle management and analytics. The cloud platform is built from the ground up using Docker®, enabling superior security, automatic version updates and complete flexibility in deployment.

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Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
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EdgeX Foundry
EdgeX Foundry
EdgeX Foundry goals include:-Build and promote EdgeX as the common open platform unifying Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing-Enable and encourage the rapidly growing community of IoT solutions providers to create an ecosystem of interoperable plug- and-play components around the EdgeX platform architecture-Certify EdgeX components to ensure interoperability and compatibility-Provide tools to quickly create EdgeX-based IoT edge solutions that can easily adapt to changing business needs-Collaborate with relevant open source projects, standards groups, and industry alliances to ensure consistency and interoperability across the IoT
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E4 Engineering
E4 Engineering
E4 Engineering's vision is to offer our clients complete solutions based on new technologies. Based on employee experiences gathered on fields ranging from energetics and industrial automation to software development in building automation, hotels and luxury residential homes. E4 Engineering is a continued successful cooperation of individuals gathered around new challenges.
SURF Communication Solutions, Ltd.
SURF Communication Solutions, Ltd.
SURF Communication Solutions (SURF) is an industry leader in high-capacity processing solutions for real-time multimedia communication systems and applications. Since 1996, SURF’s products have delivered the integral technology behind many of the leading vendor’s multimedia servers and gateways deployed to operators and service providers worldwide. SURF-powered multimedia applications are delivering value added services to millions of end-users every day. Today, SURF is ideally positioned to stimulate change in the way we communicate. The video-ready SURF solution supports multimedia processing including full video, voice and data IP to IP communications, as well as modem and fax over IP. It is a fully converged multimedia processing subsystem that integrates easily into media gateways and servers. Since there is no such thing as “one size fits all,” the SURF solution is available in various form factors or DSP chips affording unmatched density and optimal performance.
Zipit Wireless, Inc.
Zipit Wireless, Inc.
Internet of Things (IoT) * M2M * Secure Enterprise Communications * Remote Device ManagementZipit Wireless ("Zipit") is a provider of business and technology services with key intellectual property and expertise in connecting wireless devices to Internet based services. Zipit has two primary businesses - Critical Communications and M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) Services.Critical Communications:Our multi-platform, HIPAA compliant solution provides highly reliable priority messaging and secure texting, typically replacing antiquated pagers, radios, and other forms of communication that provide no proof of message delivery, security or accountability. Our customers include Healthcare and First Responder organizations, Hotels, Schools, Manufacturers, Utility companies, and Government agencies. We help organizations eliminate the frustrations they experience with their inefficient communication systems and their legal and financial risks associated with communicating over systems that aren't secure.End-to-End IoT Solutions:Since 2004, Zipit’s IoT/M2M business has provided Internet-based services and wireless connectivity for a variety of brands & products to help transform product-based businesses into service-based businesses. We have a diverse IoT portfolio, having worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations.Zipit’s IoT platform includes a secure and robust cloud-based infrastructure, connectivity and activations for devices, web-based interfaces and smartphone applications for device management and communication, customer support portals, in-depth reporting services and business analytics, as well as existing relationships with the nation’s leading carriers.
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