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Deepfield Robotics (Bosch)

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Deepfield Robotics is a young start-up of the Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH. It has emerged from research activities of Bosch Corporate Research dated back to 2008 with the publicly funded project “BoniRob”. Our inspired team of engineers, software developers, robotics specialists and agricultural engineers develops innovative solutions for the future of agriculture - jointly with our partners and in close contact with our customers.
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- Automated Field Testing
While the amount of arable land is decreasing, an ever growing world population needs to be supplied with healthy and affordable food. Deepfield provide solutions for automated, objective and reliable outdoor field experiments.

- Weeding
Decreasing availability of effective herbicides, herbicide-resistant weeds, ecological aspects and regulations demand for innovative alternatives to conventional weed control. They develop selective weed treatment solutions.

- Deepfield Connect
Processes in agriculture are affected by unpredictable environmental conditions. Hence, the right decisions are to be made by the farmer on time to ensure high yield and quality. With their connectivity solutions they allow remote monitoring and thus comfortable and reliable control of crop production process.

- BoniRob
The multi-functional robot BoniRob is capable to autonomously navigate on the field while carrying different application tools. The scope of applications ranges from soil and plant analysis to selective weed control and harvesting.
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Hardware products that are used by end users that contain IoT technology.
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Work with Asparagus Farmers on IoT Solution
Work with Asparagus Farmers on IoT Solution
The quality of asparagus depends heavily on the temperature of the ground in which it’s grown. To control the temperature, farmers use a two-sided sheet of foil: the black side draws in sunlight to increase the heat of the asparagus bed, and the white side reflects light to cool the bed down. In order to make the right “black or white” decision, the farmer needs to measure the temperature of every field at least once each evening.
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IoT in Agriculture Market 2019-2027: Technology, Future Trends, Top Key Players-Accenture, Climate Corporation, Deepfield Robotics, Farmers Edge Inc., Flux Farm, Inc., IBM Corporation, KaaIoT Technologies
OpenPR - 10 Sep, 2019
Referenced Companies: IBM, KaaIoT Technologies, Bosch Deepfield Robotics
IoT’s Role in Revolutionizing Agriculture
Google News Canada - 09 Jul, 2019
Referenced Companies: SICK, John Deere, Bosch Deepfield Robotics
Keywords: Robotics, Blockchain, Smart Devices, Drones, Sensor
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BoniRob - Adaptable Multi-purpose Robotic Platform
BoniRob - Adaptable Multi-purpose Robotic Platform
BoniRob is a multi-purpose robotic platform for applications in agriculture. Its four independently steerable drive wheels and the ability to adjust its trackwidth make BoniRob highly maneuverable.BoniRob can be run purely on batteries or connected to a generator to extend its range and usage time.BoniRob can be retrofitted and upgraded with exchangeable application modules (tools).BoniRob can navigate autonomously along plant rows (e.g. dams) in the field, carrying the application module (tool) as it goes.Environmental sensors (e.g. Lidar), inertial sensors, wheel odometry and (optionally) GPS are mounted for row detection and navigation.Functions that make BoniRob versatile and easy to use:- Powerful simulation and development environment- Software libraries with intelligent mobility functions- Interfaces for extending and adapting the machine- Data logging and management capabilities
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Deepfield® Connect
Deepfield® Connect
Deepfield® Connect - Asparagus Monitoring measures the ground temperature using a high precision temperature sensor, which is installed inside the mound, see picture 2. This sensor measures the temperature at different height levels: Directly below the cover as well as 5, 20 and 40 cm below it. The system records the temperatures and sends them to a BOSCH operated webserver. This server provides 24/4 access to the data through Smartphone and Tablet apps, enabling you to take the right decisions. Access to the data can also be shared with employees or consultants.
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Bosch is an industry leader in automobile and industrial equipment, as well as consumer goods and building systems. Bosch operates via 440 subsidiaries in 60 countries; its core lines include mobility (auto) systems, from diesel/hybrid drive to steering, starter motors and generators, electronics, and brakes.Year founded: 1886Revenue: $58.7 billion (2014)Portfolio Companies:- Bosch Software Innovations- Rexroth- Deepfield Robotics- Escrypt- ProSyst 
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