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Bsquare has helped its customers extract business value from a broad array of corporate assets by making them intelligent, connecting them and using data collected from them to deliver better business outcomes.

Bsquare DataV software solution have been deployed by a wide variety of enterprises to create business-focused Internet of Things (IoT) systems that can more effectively monitor assets, automate processes, predict events and in general optimize business outcomes. Bsquare goes a step further by coupling innovative software with advanced professional services capable of helping organizations of all types make IoT a business reality.

IoT Focus: Asset Utilization, Asset Optimization, Predictive Failure, Condition-based Maintenance (CBM), Data-driven Diagnostics, IoT Device Management (IDM)
Key Customers
Paccar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Itron, Canon, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Elektrobit, Microsoft, Seagate, HP, Oracle, Google, Hughes, Ford, Mitsubishi Electric, Polycom, AWS, Caterpillar, Honeywell, Panasonic, Applied Materials, COSTA, Fortinet
IoT Snapshot
Bsquare is a provider of Industrial IoT cloud planning, design and implementation services, and software design and engineering services services.

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Ep. IIoT Spotlight Podcast 047: Understanding the state of, and challenges in IoT implemention in heavy asset industries – Dave McCarthy, VP of IoT Solutions, Bsquare

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