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Top 100 IIoT Companies Index

Published on 03/16/2017 | Technology

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Erik Walenza

Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.


The heavyweight champion of the connected world is...!

Who is the #1 company in IIoT? 


Obviously it's IoT ONE. But since we conducted the ranking we humbly excluded ourselves. 


We assessed more than 1,600 companies with IIoT offerings by ranking their IIoT Brand Influence, Innovativeness and Ecosystem Openness. Here are our conclusions:


[1] IBM, SAP and Cisco were identified as the Top 3 IIoT players in the field.

[2] The United States continues to lead, with 5 of the top 10 companies.  

[3] Intel took the gold medal when it comes to brand influence and ecosystem openness.


I bet you disagree (unless you work for IBM). That's fine, we update the rankings quarterly. Help us sense check our Q2 rankings by sharing the companies that you think are the top influencers, innovators, and ecosystem partners here

Am I the last Jedi?

Last week I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. 


I awoke to find that Amazon Web Services S3 experienced a "service disruption". Amazon quickly pointed their finger at a lowly human who entered an incorrect command. The result? "A larger set of servers was removed than intended". 


But that's the crux of the matter - one engineer's mistake can silence the video streams of a million teenagers. Our cloud infrastructure is brittle. To complicate matters, restarting the services took longer than expected because S3's incredible growth has delayed routine testing of system restarts.


What did we learn? Our lives and work are increasingly dependent on cloud architecture. But an infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest link. For many companies S3 is a "single point of failure" - if it goes down, your company goes down.

The cloud-to-things continuum

The OpenFog Consortium just released the OpenFog Reference Architecture (RA), intending to enable interoperable semiconductors, systems, and software for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) stakeholders, industry-wide.


OpenFog RA has 8 pillars of interoperability: Scalability, Security, Openness, Autonomy, Remote Access Services (RASs), Agility, Hierarchy, and Programmability.


How exactly will the OpenFog RA enable interoperability? Rob Swanson, Principal Engineer at Intel and Technical Chair of the OpenFog Consortium commented, "the OpenFog RA is a framework and roadmap to help software developers and system architects create the first generation of open fog computing systems [...] representing a unified framework for providing computing, networking, and storage in the cloud-to-things continuum." 


Results are pending, but we commend OpenFog on a strong first step. 

State of the Cloud

Rightscale recently published the State of the Cloud Report to track cloud adoption trends, usage, and concerns.


How is the cloud faring in early 2017? Findings include:


[1] 99% of respondents have cloud strategies, yet on average they waste 30 - 45% of their cloud expenditure.

[2] 53% of cloud users cite cost savings as a top focus for 2017.

[3] The lack of resources rose to the #1 cloud challenge in 2017 (at 32%), topping security (29%).


IoT ONE features 676 cloud & fog platforms vendors and 411 cloud platform case studies. Feel free to contact us for help assessing your options.

Industrial IoT Thought Leadership

How long can your startup survive without a full-time CFO?

- Scott Brown, Consultant, Toptal

The crux of the predicament is that whilst CFOs add significantly greater value than a more "junior" financial team, they are expensive resources. This guide aims to highlight hiring options that best fit their current needs.


The impact of Brexit on the financial services sector

- Toby Clarence-Smith, Founder, Petsy

The writer takes a look at what the anticipated impacts of Brexit on the UK financial sector are, assess their merits and likelihood, and see what the long-lasting impact on the financial sector around the world may be.


IoT analytics from cloud to the edge

- Toby McClean, Chief Solutions Architect, PrismTech

In 2016, Microsoft, IBM and AWS each made concerted efforts to extend their IoT platforms to the edge for economical, physical and legal reasons. This guide focus on analytics capabilities that extend to the edge.

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