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The Power of IoT Platforms for Building AR Applications

Published on 05/25/2017 | Technology

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.


Augmented Reality, or AR, is quickly becoming one of the hottest digital technology trends for the industrial enterprise. When coupled with new data sources from the Internet of Things and historic product data from CAD files, the outcome is a truly transformative experience that is driving many enterprises to completely re-evaluate how they design, produce, sell, and support their products.

Read this white paper, written by Ryan Martin, ABI Research Senior Analyst, to:

•  Get an overview of AR application markets and benefits

•  Understand the challenges of building AR applications enhanced by IoT data

•  See the power of IoT platforms for building AR applications

•  Learn how companies, like PTC Customer Griiip, are leveraging their exisiting 3D CAD and IoT data to create AR experiences


You can find and download the original report here.

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