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IoT ONE Index: Smart Cities around the World

Published on 03/29/2017 | IoT Index

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Daniel Stephen

Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.



There are more than 60 case studies focusing on smart cities on the IoT ONE platform. Not surprisingly, a majority of these case studies originate from the US, Europe and China. The index also gives a breakdown of the most commonly found types of IoT hardware, software and services that are at the heart of this global smart city revolution.

What you should know:

- A bulk of smart city solutions occur at the street level. For example, just by attaching sensors on street lighting, we can monitor a range of issues such as energy management, air pollution, traffic, noise, safety and parking space availability. Take a look at one such smart lighting solution here.

- With many smart city solutions, the key challenge lies in making sense of the huge amounts of data that is being created by all these sensors that are placed everywhere. This would explain why data analytics is the most common IoT software in smart city applications.

- One of the most exciting prospects of smart city solutions is this potential for system integration. The availability of big data allows for different companies and government agencies to collaborate on projects and this will allow people to reimagine how they can work together in new ways to solve problems.  

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