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IoT ONE Case Study Spotlight: Jan 2017

IoT Data Acquisition Solutions

Published on 02/09/2017 | Use Cases

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Accelerating the Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things.




The Jan 2017 issue of the IoT ONE Spotlight features 8 case studies related to data acquisition, covering verticals including Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Shipping.

We have updated this report for May 2018:

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The full report includes:

1. IoT Use Case Framework by IIC

2. Detailed Technology Visualization

3. Solution Relevance by Functions & Capabilities

4. Summarized Case Study Impact & ROI


Auvesy - Process Control System Support​




Changes are made to SIMATIC PCS 7 projects on a daily basis, with individual processes often optimised by multiple workers due to shift changes. There is the risk that errors may occur. If a change is saved in the project, then the old version is lost unless a backup copy was created in advance. If no backup was created, it will no longer be possible to return to the previous state if and when programming errors occur.


AUVESY (Automated Versioning Systems) has developed a major PCS 7 add-on for its versiondog software that can be integrated seamlessly into any SIMATIC PCS 7 setup while meeting all data management requirements. The versiondog software allows users to back up, version and document not only SIMATIC PCS 7 projects, but also software versions of all other automation devices involved in production.


SenseGrow - Remote Monitoring For Environmental Compliance




Emerson wanted to provide a connected environmental analyzer to their customers. They wanted to leverage IoT technologies to provide a software solution that was easy to use, real-time and centralized. Compliance with pollution control board guidelines and the ability to remotely calibrate and troubleshoot these devices was the primary objective. 


SenseGrow worked with their Application Partner, LogicLadder to support the legacy devices on their cloud platform, thus making them plug-n-play by leveraging on the unique architecture of ioEYE, providing support for all devices required to be in the solution and providing intelligent insights about stack emissions and wastewater. 


PTC - Joy Global




Joy Global's existing business processes required customers to work through an unstable legacy system to collect mass volumes of data. With inadequate processes and tools, field level analytics were not sufficient to properly inform business decisions.


Joy Global deployed a Thingworx platform, which means that the data collection process is now stabilised, and at the same time innovations on new applications for customers have increased.


Adroit Technologies - Ensuring Tanker Safety and Emissions Compliance




Storage tanks are irregular in shape and a certain amount of mathematical modelling is required to get an accurate representation of volume and, more importantly, the weight of material in each tank. In addition, countries have different emission regulations, so the ships' position needed to be accurately known in order to geotag emission data.


Adroit SCADA enables engineers to model irregular tank shapes easily, enabling real-time display of the amount of material in each tank during the loading stage of the vessel. Adroit SCADA can interface to a gas analyser, enabling the system to read emission data from the ships' engine and display in real time, Within Adroit SCADA, there is an interface to a global GPS to read the ships' location in real time.


Click here to download the full report.


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