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Transformation of IT Infrastructure by Streamlining Operations Strategies

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 Transformation of IT Infrastructure by Streamlining Operations Strategies - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

Global security, storage and systems management software provider

The Challenge

The company wanted to revamp its IT and infrastructure operations strategy. It wanted to bring the functions of the hosting group in charge of computing, storage, and middleware operations under closer in-house management.

However, the provider didn’t have the necessary visibility into its operations to determine the scope of these critical processes, which when disrupted would result in huge revenue losses and negatively impact its technology strategy.

External management of the provider’s IT infrastructure also left users dependent on manual delivery and provisioning mechanisms, rather than benefitting from automated and self-service processes.

The Solution

The company decided to approach Cognizant for help.

Relying on legacy infrastructure transformation capabilities, they prepared to migrate the provider’s operations to a next-generation data center. For business agility, the company needed to modernize its IT functions and make them more responsive.

They helped repatriate services previously spread across 50 locations, including compute, storage, backup, directory, and middleware. To ensure transparency, we discussed key areas such as headcount, use of onsite and offshore resources, and transformation activities.

They also helped the provider prepare for the split by migrating the workload to private cloud infrastructure and transitioning the applications and toolsets to the new data center.

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