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Toshin Industry Co., Ltd. Streamlines Product Search Times with IoT

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 Toshin Industry Co., Ltd. Streamlines Product Search Times with IoT - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Networks & Connectivity - RFID
  • Sensors - GPS
Applicable Industries
  • Buildings
  • Life Sciences
Applicable Functions
  • Facility Management
  • Maintenance
Use Cases
  • Time Sensitive Networking
  • System Integration
The Customer

Toshin Industry Co., Ltd

About The Customer
Toshin Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading hoop plating company that has achieved low cost, high productivity, and high-quality production by developing new plating methods and a unique production facility. The company operates four factories in Yokohama, Matsumoto, Iwakiyoshima, and Yotsukura, where they plate the contact points of electronic components for devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Toshin Industry is known for its innovative approach to production and its commitment to operational efficiency.
The Challenge
Toshin Industry Co., Ltd., a leading hoop plating company, was facing a significant challenge in managing the variety and quantity of items in their four factories. The company, which plates the contact points of electronic components for devices like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, was struggling with storage space due to the increasing number of items. This issue was further complicated by the fact that multiple pieces of the same material were delivered, necessitating a first in, first out approach and matching of type and lot. As a result, employees were spending an excessive amount of time searching for materials and stored items, leading to a waste of valuable time and resources.
The Solution
To address this challenge, Toshin Industry developed an object-finding system, SAGAS, and sought technical solutions that could be integrated to provide location information for the system. After considering various options, including cameras, beacons, and RFID, the company selected the u-Location Q solution provided by Ad-Sol Nissin. This solution involved installing Locators made by Quuppa on site and attaching Bluetooth® enabled tags to carts. This setup allowed for the instant identification of the cart's location, meeting Toshin Industry's requirements for high-accuracy location information, accurate position measurements even in challenging conditions, easy integration with SAGAS, and relatively low installation and maintenance costs.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Ad-Sol Nissin’s solution u-Location Q and the SAGAS system using Quuppa technology has led to significant operational improvements in Toshin Industry's Matsumoto and Yotsukura factories. The solution allows for instant and chronological display of location information of the corresponding tag when searching by uniform ID number, model, and serial number from the registered information. This has not only drastically reduced the time taken to search for an item, but also improved the possibility to operate the equipment during the material search. This has led to an overall improvement in the facility utilisation rate and operational efficiency. Toshin Industry plans to continue improving operational efficiency while conducting validation and testing of the new system at the Yotsukura Factory and the Matsumoto Factory.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Reduced product search times from 20 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Improved facility utilisation rate due to reduced search times.
  • High-accuracy location information acquisition every minute (within 600 mm).

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