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The Car of Tomorrow is Built by Innovative, Modern Technology and Apps

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 The Car of Tomorrow is Built by Innovative, Modern Technology and Apps - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Challenges faced when developing the connected car of tomorrow

Over four million Hyundai vehicles are currently connected to the cloud, with this number expected to increase year over year. Hyundai AutoEver aims to provide personalized digital experiences for drivers, but to do so, the company had to be willing to modernize its applications and technology.

One example of what they needed to modernize is their Bluelink® mobile app. This luxurious, connected car service offers remote start, door lock and unlock, on-demand diagnostics and alerts, destination search, remote car finder, and more capabilities.

The Customer

Hyundai AutoEver

About The Customer

The Hyundai AutoEver team uses technology to drive Hyundai Motor Group toward its goal of becoming a worldwide, leading mobility company that bridges the gap between car and mobility ecosystems.

For many drivers, according to Hyundai AutoEver CEO Jung Sik Suh, the “car of tomorrow” is one with connected, innovative features and services, not one with the highest engine power or fuel-efficiency. Drivers want to feel and be well connected while they’re behind the wheel, and this is something Hyundai takes into consideration when designing new cars. Hyundai AutoEver plays a key role in supporting Hyundai Motor Group’s IT initiatives, working closely to accelerate the pace of innovation to strengthen the expertise in embedded automotive software.

The Solution

Accelerating the software development journey

Hyundai AutoEver’s engineers were matched with VMware Tanzu Labs’ engineers to quickly learn about cloud-native technology and focus on how this can enhance the developer experience. The group established a domain-driven design to create common models, communicating requirements, data, and processes to simplify development.

Tanzu Labs partners with organizations worldwide to accelerate the delivery of software and modernize legacy applications to allow teams to own their modernization journey. Tanzu Labs services have the capabilities to build apps from scratch, modernize apps for the cloud, and build platforms that support developer productivity.

After their engagement with Tanzu Labs, the Hyundai AutoEver application team now easily deploys containerized and scaled applications, monitoring all by self-service.

Hyundai AutoEver built a cloud-native platform to enhance the developer’s experience. Their developers strictly focus on applications and getting new features into the hands of Hyundai customers. Throughout the overall engagement, Hyundai AutoEver has released new applications gradually to the market to now coexist with their heritage applications.

In partnership with Tanzu Labs, Hyundai AutoEver has reduced its delivery time from 14 days to fewer than three. Rather than scheduling nighttime maintenance windows for application deployments, it can now deploy new features at any time of day with zero downtime by updating individual microservices independently.

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