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Targeted by Sophisticated Email Impersonation

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 Targeted by Sophisticated Email Impersonation - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

As a global company with over 1,200 employees and 24 subsidiaries, KTR Systems has a diverse and complex digital infrastructure to protect. With increasingly subtle and sophisticated cyber-attacks targeting every corner of the digital ecosystem, the IT team sought a new approach that could detect and autonomously respond to these threats.

The team identified the threat before it could escalate and suffered no damage. However, by now it had become clear the team needed a robust solution to enable them to respond to email attacks 24/7.

The Customer
About The Customer

For over fifty years, KTR Systems has been a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission components for mechanical and plant engineering.

The Solution

As a result, KTR Systems turned to Darktrace's Immune System to defend its vast digital ecosystem. Using Self-Learning AI, Darktrace immediately began learning the normal 'patterns of life for every user and device in the organization.

By continuously revising its understanding in light of changing behavior, the AI can spot anomalous activity indicative of threat, including novel strains of malware and subtle insiders that static rules and signature-based tools are unable to detect.

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