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Enhancing Cybersecurity with AI: A Case Study of KTR Systems

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 Enhancing Cybersecurity with AI: A Case Study of KTR Systems - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Intrusion Detection
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Malware Protection
Applicable Industries
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • National Security & Defense
Use Cases
  • Autonomous Transport Systems
  • Tamper Detection
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • System Integration
The Customer
About The Customer
KTR Systems is a global company with a diverse and complex digital infrastructure. With over 1,200 employees and 24 subsidiaries, the company has a vast digital ecosystem that requires robust protection from cyber threats. The company's IT team was previously reliant on traditional security tools that used historical data to detect threats. However, these tools proved ineffective against novel and sophisticated attacks, leading to instances of CEO fraud and an attempted ransomware attack. Recognizing the need for a more advanced security solution, KTR Systems turned to Darktrace's Immune System and Antigena Email.
The Challenge
KTR Systems, a global company with over 1,200 employees and 24 subsidiaries, was facing a significant challenge in protecting its diverse and complex digital infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. The company's traditional security tools, which relied on historical data to detect threats, were proving ineffective against novel attacks. In 2019, KTR Systems fell victim to two instances of CEO fraud, confirming that their security measures were inadequate. The company's IT team was also limited in its ability to monitor global workforce activity around the clock. Furthermore, the company suffered an attempted ransomware attack, which, although thwarted before causing damage, highlighted the need for a more robust security solution.
The Solution
To address these challenges, KTR Systems turned to Darktrace's Immune System, a cybersecurity solution that uses Self-Learning AI to detect and respond to threats. The AI system learns the normal 'patterns of life' for every user and device in the organization, continuously revising its understanding based on changing behavior. This enables it to detect anomalous activity indicative of threats, including novel strains of malware and subtle insider threats that static rules and signature-based tools cannot detect. The company also implemented Darktrace's Antigena Email, which extends the Self-Learning AI protection to the email realm. This tool understands the human behind the keyboard, analyzing emails in context to form a nuanced and continually evolving understanding of communication across the business. It detects subtle deviations indicative of a cyber-threat and autonomously reacts in real time.
Operational Impact
  • With the implementation of Darktrace's Immune System and Antigena Email, KTR Systems has significantly enhanced its cybersecurity. The company now has complete visibility across its vast digital ecosystem and is able to autonomously respond to threats around the clock. The Self-Learning AI has proven especially valuable in extending and uplifting the company's overwhelmed security team, freeing them up to focus on strategic tasks. The open architecture of the Immune System also enables seamless integrations with disjointed defenses, streamlining alerts for the IT security team and instantly correlating insights across multiple siloes. Furthermore, the company is now able to detect and stop threats that traditional tools miss, allowing normal business interactions to continue uninterrupted.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 24/7 autonomous protection across the company's vast digital ecosystem
  • Immediate detection and response to threats, including novel strains of malware and subtle insider threats
  • Successful thwarting of a zero-day attack soon after implementing Antigena Email

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