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Sustainable Manufacturing for a Healthier World

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 Sustainable Manufacturing for a Healthier World - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Sensors - Air Pollution Sensors
  • Sensors - Humidity Sensors
  • Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Building Energy Management
The Customer
Vention Medical
About The Customer
Vention Medical is a global leader in complex medical device design development, manufacturing, and assembly. With a recently formed Sustainability Council, Vention's cultural focus on innovation extends into every facet of its business.
The Challenge
Hospital sustainability policies and demand for environmentallyconscious healthcare supplies drove Vention to Verdigris. Vention was seeking energy data metrics, particularly validation of energy usage and insights for potential savings. With 13 facilities and a newly formed sustainability council, Vention needed a tool to easily identify and quantify hidden potential cost savings. They also needed a reliable system to track equipment malfunction to maintain sensitive environments which are critical to medical device manufacturing. Vention selected their Sunnyvale office, which has several clean rooms, for the proof-of-concept test. They wanted to learn how to best prevent downtime for important equipment such as HVAC, which could jeopardize FDA-approved clean room conditions, contaminate materials, and ultimately increase production costs. Vention approached Verdigris to get help going above and beyond their customers’ specific requirements for sustainability.
The Solution
Verdigris quickly installed proprietary hardware and was immediately able to showcase data from Vention’s lighting and HVAC systems. Vention team members viewed their energy data with an online dashboard, and also received custom monthly reports to highlight energy trends and uncover inefficiencies.

Working together, Verdigris provided depth of data and breadth of actionable recommendations that audiences across the company understood. Verdigris’ advanced data tracking provided Vention an example of how to get ahead of increased reporting requirements from their buyers.
Operational Impact
  • [Process Optimization - Real Time Alerts]
    Verdigris was able to go above and beyond what local utilities provide, notifying Vention about equipment downtime and parsing out usage by end-use in real time
  • [Management Effectiveness - Operation]
    Vention can gain greater insight into achievable sustainability goals
Quantitative Benefit
  • Vention is on track to save $3000 a year

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