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IoT Based Health Monitoring System

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IoT Based Health Monitoring System - Zerone Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Networks & Connectivity - WiFi
Healthcare & Hospitals
Business Operation
Remote Patient Monitoring

The primary challenge was to monitor the progress of the plans adopted by the patients. In most cases, the patient will start with a plan and give up in the middle. It is important to motivate them to continue through the plan.

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A leading provider of healthcare software products based in the UK. The customer develops a wide range of software solutions to support various healthcare missions sponsored by NHS, UK.
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We integrated numerous IoT medical diagnostics devices available in the market that help in monitoring blood pressure, glucose level, pulse rate, weight and other health parameters.

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Blood Pressure, Electronic Medical Record, Operation Performance, Personal Medical, Health Parameters
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[Cost Reduction - Operation]
The application helps the hospitals and home care providers to reduce the number of home visits. This in turn reduces their operational costs.
[Data Management - Real Time Data]
Health parameters recorded by any devices are now updated instantly in the application used by doctors. Similarly, the attendees of the patients are also updated on time.
[Process Optimization - Remote Monitoring]
Physicians could monitor patient conditions remotely and suggest appropriate medicines.

60% Cost savings due to reduction in home visits.

3x Improvement in tracking the effectiveness of healthcare plans.

100% Consolidated as well as individual patient reports accessible to doctors.

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