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Subscription Licensing Unlocks Spike in Technology Orders

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 Subscription Licensing Unlocks Spike in Technology Orders - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

The perpetual software license model

The Challenge

With its high initial cost and ongoing expense, is becoming harder to defend in a market increasingly reliant on software-as-a-service (SaaS). One major technology player saw an opportunity to increase its revenue by adding a subscription payment model to its traditional on-premises licensing.

Adding subscriptions meant changes to product and solution pricing, support, and billing as well as the underlying technology for these processes. A new technology platform would be required to support these business model changes. 


The Solution

The virtualization company engaged to implement Cognizant’s S3P subscription billing system and create a transition plan for this new revenue channel. 

Cognizant worked closely with the software company and took on complete ownership and management of the subscription process and development. They helped the company prepare for the new model through an emphasis on usage billing, discounting, automated renewals, and support for complex workflows in the S3P billing system.

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