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Strategic Partnership to Enhance Productivity and Innovation

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 Strategic Partnership to Enhance Productivity and Innovation - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

A multinational technology company

The Challenge

The company needed a trusted and long-term strategic partner to provide technical and engineering support to its video engineering unit. It wanted to focus on investment and resources to develop new product concepts for next-generation offerings while continuing to deliver high-quality service to its existing customer base in Europe. The company turned to Cognizant.

The Solution

To accelerate productivity, they first established an operations center and an engineering lab, along with an offshore delivery center. Next, the customer transferred about 200 of its employees with deep video engineering expertise to Cognizant to ensure continuity of quality and service. They ensured all contractual commitments were met during this time.

They efficiently navigated the complex European labor laws and recruited a team with the right skills and career goals. After successfully transferring 98 percent of the company’s personnel to our organization, they aligned each individual’s role with Cognizant’s career architecture. 

By entrusting Cognizant with the complex task of managing its video engineering business unit and serving its customers, the company was able to turn its focus to innovation for the next generation.

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