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Roto-Rooter's Investment in Safety at Scale with Samsara

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  • Sensors - Autonomous Driving Sensors
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  • Telecommunications
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  • Inventory Management
  • Onsite Human Safety Management
About The Customer
Roto-Rooter is a leading plumbing and water clean-up company based in the United States. The company operates in over 20 states, with a fleet of 2,500 vehicles across 52 locations. Roto-Rooter's operations do not involve running routes. Instead, vehicles are dispatched to their next location based on timing, proximity, and urgency. The company has more than 1,200 drivers, all of whom are constantly on the move. All operations, including jobs and directions, are conducted on mobile devices.
The Challenge
Roto-Rooter, a leading plumbing and water clean-up company in the United States, faced a significant challenge in managing the safety of its large fleet of service vehicles. With over 1,200 drivers constantly on the move, the company needed a solution that would allow them to communicate with drivers effectively while also ensuring their safety. The company's operations, which involved dispatching vehicles based on timing, proximity, and urgency, were primarily conducted on mobile devices. This led to issues with driver distraction. The company needed a solution that would allow them to communicate with drivers while also protecting them from distractions. The challenge was to find a solution that would enable them to invest in safety at scale.
The Solution
Roto-Rooter found its solution in Samsara, an all-in-one platform that improved communication and increased safety. Samsara allowed regional managers to communicate with drivers while also reducing distracted driving behaviors. The implementation of Samsara was done in two steps. First, the management team was convinced of the benefits of the solution, particularly its potential to reduce insurance claim costs. Three pilot projects were then launched, which immediately resulted in a decrease in harsh incidents. The second step involved introducing the technology to all employees. This was done by highlighting the positive aspects of the technology and addressing any concerns. The company also made a point of capturing exonerations during the pilots and using these to engage drivers during the roll-out. The focus was on addressing one issue at a time to prevent any attrition.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Samsara resulted in several operational benefits for Roto-Rooter. Managers reported feeling more in control, and even less technologically-savvy team members found the system easy to use. The Safety Inbox feature allowed them to pinpoint behaviors precisely and either recognize or coach drivers as needed. The single solution also streamlined administrative communications. The company's Director of Safety and Risk Management, Kim Ohl, was able to easily run multiple reports and send specific reports to branches. Branch managers could do the same, and everyone had access to the same data. This resulted in newfound visibility into branch performance for Ohl.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Served over 20 states
  • Managed a fleet of 2,500 vehicles across 52 locations
  • Reduced harsh incidents during the pilot phase

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