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Parking Optimization

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Parking Optimization - Faststream Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
Sensors - Dimension & Displacement Sensors
Business Operation
Occupancy Monitoring
Smart Parking

- Parking managers were facing huge task for parking alloctaion and pricing ticket beause of inaccuracy in datas, resulting in enormous manual work. A web application was developed to counter all these problems and set up an effective & efficient mechanism for whole parking industry. 

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- The web application will help the parking authority to monitor the vehicle position within the vicinity of the parking area. 

- The authorized person can generate alert or can generate the violation ticket, in case, he notices any sort of violations.

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 - Real time monitoring of the vehicle remotely.

- Tracks parking activity in near-real time, including space availability, stay times and violations.

- Provides current occupancy and occupancy rates over time.

- Provides comprehensive reports and interactive charts for occupancy rates,       turnover, dwell times, modeled revenues, and violations

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