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Optimizing Safety and Efficiency in Transportation: A Case Study on All Aboard America

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About The Customer
All Aboard America (AAA) is a passenger transportation company that operates private charters and public routes in three states. They serve a wide range of customers in high-traffic locations across the southwest. The safety of their passengers, as well as other vehicles and pedestrians, is a top priority for AAA, requiring constant, 360-degree focus from their drivers. They drive over 30 million miles annually, with over 1,000 drivers and buses across six divisions. Prior to implementing Samsara, AAA used disparate, legacy systems for reporting, driver coaching, and tracking the efficiency and health of their fleet.
The Challenge
All Aboard America (AAA), a passenger transportation company operating private charters and public routes in three states, was facing challenges with their disconnected, manual processes that strained resources and limited data-backed decision making. They were using disparate, legacy systems for reporting, driver coaching, and tracking the efficiency and health of their fleet. Without access to detailed data from a single source of truth, making informed business decisions was a challenge. AAA needed a solution that would connect their operations to provide greater data insights, streamline administrative work, and proactively ensure the safety of their drivers and passengers.
The Solution
AAA adopted Samsara, a platform that unites driver coaching, fleet management, and administrative work. This provided AAA with a holistic view into their business, helping them retain drivers, improve profitability, and reduce administrative workload. They implemented Samsara AI Dash Cams for in-depth, video-based training to help hone their drivers’ skills while offering protection against incident claims. They also introduced the Samsara Driver App to streamline their drivers’ workflows with mobile forms and reports. Using Samsara’s open API, AAA automated and cross-pollinated data collection from several platforms to discover discrepancies between industry benchmarks and their actual operating costs. They also used Samsara to identify quarter-over-quarter driving patterns to reduce fuel usage and mitigate costly surprise repairs.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Samsara has transformed AAA's operations, improving both safety and efficiency. The use of AI Dash Cams has not only improved driver safety scores but also provided protection against incident claims, reducing claim payouts and lowering insurance premiums. The introduction of the Samsara Driver App has simplified workflows and reporting, making operations nearly 100% paperless and saving significant time. The use of Samsara’s open API has allowed AAA to make data-informed decisions, leading to increased revenue and reduced administrative workload. Finally, the use of Samsara for vehicle telematics has enabled AAA to cut fuel and maintenance costs by identifying driving patterns and mitigating surprise repairs.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 85% of their drivers have a Safety Score of 90 or higher since implementing AI Dash Cams
  • Operations are now nearly 100% paperless, saving 30 minutes per trip, totaling 500 hours saved weekly
  • Increased their revenue by 30% through amended pricing and reduced their administrative workload by 20%, saving $1.6 million annually

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