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Modernizes on Cloud Data Platform

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 Modernizes on Cloud Data Platform - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

This company sought to improve its data platform's speed, scale, and sustainability to respond to evolving business needs and deliver data products faster and more efficiently.

The goal was to transform a data infrastructure into the Snowflake Data Cloud, Matillion ELT, and the Qlik Replicate Data Integration Platform—all hosted on AWS. The modernized architecture would deliver an extensible technology stack that unites data sources, management, and analytics tools for greater agility, scale, and sustainability.

The Customer

Worldwide Manufacturing & Industrial Machinery Company

About The Customer

By developing innovative equipment and machinery for electrical power generation, a leading manufacturing and industrial machinery company empowers its customers by maximizing availability, reliability, and value throughout an equipment's life cycle. 

The Solution

The company partnered with NTT DATA and Hashmap, an NTT DATA company, to migrate from an on-premises Oracle data warehouse and Informatica ETL environment to Snowflake's Data Cloud with Matillion ELT and Qlik Replicate on AWS.

NTT DATA applied several of its Data Architecture Modernization capabilities to design and deploy a new data platform.

This cloud transformation improves and simplifies data management while reducing data load times and data latency. In addition, the transformation broadens the scope of the cloud-based data sources while cost-effectively giving it an on-demand scale and performance for data warehousing.

As a result of its modernization effort, the company now has an agile, sustainable cloud data platform to power compelling business insights and drive continued growth.

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