Cisco Case Studies Mining Firm Quadruples Production, with Internet of Everything
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Mining Firm Quadruples Production, with Internet of Everything

Mining Firm Quadruples Production, with Internet of Everything - Cisco Industrial IoT Case Study
Networks & Connectivity - Wireless Local Area Network

Dundee Precious Metal’s flagship mine, in Chelopech, Bulgaria, produces a gold, copper, and silver concentrate set a goal to increase production by 30%. Dundee wanted to increase production quality and output without increasing headcount and resources, improve miner safety, and minimize cost.

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Dundee Precious Metal (DPM) is a Canadian-based, international mining company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and mining and processing of precious metal properties, with more than 2,100 employees.
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Dundee Precious Metal (DPM)
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The foundation of the solution is a Cisco Unified Wireless network. Two hundred-eighty Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points provide coverage along 50 kilometers of tunnels. The solution connects people, tracks the location of miners and vehicles, monitors vehicle status, and automates building controls.

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Employee Location, Energy Cost Per Unit, Production Efficiency, Vehicle Location Tracking, Vehicle Status
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[Management Effectiveness - Internal Collaboration]
The new collaboration capabilities can schedule face-to-face communications which helps to improve understanding and decision making.
[Process Optimization - Real Time Asset Tracking]
Real-time status record enabled Dundee's vehicles to get closer to 100% utilization.
[Process Optimization - Real Time Monitoring]
Miner safety is improved by connecting blasting system with location-tracking system.

Dundee increased production from 0.5 million to 2 million tons annually which is a 400% increase.

Using the WAN for voice and videoconferencing has saved nearly US $2.5 M in long-distance charges over two years.

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