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Coal Dust Suppression System

Coal Dust Suppression System - Opti Industrial IoT Case Study
Quality Assurance
Process Control & Optimization

One of the country's largest coal transfer facilities operated by a large multinational, required an intelligent rainwater harvesting system to reduce potable water use and help eliminate stormwater discharges.

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Large Multinational

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OptiNimbus adds forecast-based intelligence to existing control systems, allowing stormwater to be used for on-site coal dust suppression. This results in reduced reliance on municipal water for use for dust suppression and optimizes stormwater management to help achieve the facility's zero stormwater discharge goals. OptiNimbus decreases annual operating costs and helps keep the facility in compliance with clean water act and state requirements.

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Operation Performance, Water Level, Water Usage
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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[Cost Reduction - Operation]
Decreased annual operating costs
[Efficiency Improvement - Management]
Optimized stormwater management
[Efficiency Improvement - Compliance]
Compliance with clean water act and state requirements
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