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Leading Project Logistics Solution Provider Trusts Ramco

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 Leading Project Logistics Solution Provider Trusts Ramco - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

The organization wanted to remove all the roadblocks that lay on its path of becoming the leading integrated logistics solutions provider. They wanted a solution to:

  1. Manage complex Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) operations
  2. Consolidate all their divisions, functions, service offerings, and capabilities to achieve a high standardization and interoperability level
  3. Choose a solution partner who could accommodate and support the company’s expansion into other logistics segments

The logistics services provider was also looking for a solution that would support their goal of bringing innovation to the logistics industry which will help in delivering cost-effective and modern technology-driven solutions.

About The Customer

An ISO-certified company, this organization delivers integrated, end-to-end logistics solutions to businesses across the globe, especially in the areas of Project Logistics, Freight Forwarding, and Contract Logistics. The company is one of the largest wind and solar energy logistics players. They have experience in the movement of heavy & ODC consignments and renewable equipment. They cater to various industries, including engineering & manufacturing, metals & mining, life sciences & healthcare, consumer durables, and FMCG

The Customer

ISO-Certified Company

The Solution

While being well-known for handling multiple sub-segments of the Logistics industry, including Project Logistics, Contract Logistics, and Freight Forwarding, Ramco also had the reputation of serving multiple industries spanning renewable, engineering & manufacturing, oil & gas, automobile, consumer durable, life-sciences & healthcare, and FMCG.

Additionally, Ramco’s Transportation Management was equipped to manage both the conventional Transportation and Project Logistics offerings covering budgeting, planning, and execution. Its capability to handle Over Dimensional Cargo transportation complexities, including route survey, civil work & site development, crane services, value-added services, resource management, advance management, etc. also scored well with the logistics solution provider. These were among a few reasons why Ramco Logistics was chosen as the preferred solution for the company a that has 2000+ strong fleet.

  1. Transportation Management
  2. Rating & Billing
  3. finance & Accounting
  4. Inventory & Procurement
  5. Asset Maintenance
  6. CRM

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