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Jones Lang LaSalle's Digital Transformation Journey with Alteryx Adventure

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About The Customer
Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a leading global real estate firm that operates in multiple departments across various regions. The company faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, with lockdowns impeding collaboration and knowledge sharing among its traditionally co-located teams. The rapidly changing commercial real estate markets also put pressure on the organization's ability to make quick, data-driven decisions. To address these issues, JLL created a new team, Work Dynamics BI & Performance, to investigate and implement solutions to improve their analytics maturity and consistency across different teams.
The Challenge
The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new disruptions to the international team of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a global player in the real estate industry. Lockdowns impeded collaboration and knowledge sharing between traditionally co-located team members. The high rate of change in commercial real estate markets put pressure on the organization’s ability to make data-driven decisions quickly. In response to these pressures, JLL created a new team: Work Dynamics BI & Performance. This group discovered that different JLL teams were operating at varying levels of analytics maturity, often directly correlating with the size of the given team. A primary issue was inconsistent tooling. Sharing work and knowledge across teams was difficult without a shared framework or language. Team members had to perform low-value manual tasks to translate work across teams, which further degraded performance.
The Solution
Paul Chapman, Head of BI & Performance, saw the crisis as an opportunity to digitally transform, revealing the need for greater automation and consistency across JLL’s analytics processes. The Work Dynamics BI & Performance team decided to leverage Alteryx as the strategic tool of choice on which to standardize. Alteryx offered three major benefits: the ability to share data and workflows effortlessly, the ability to automate monotonous tasks, and the ability to transform data so it’s easy to consume. Alteryx’s easy-to-use data preparation and integrated spatial analytics capabilities were particularly beneficial for JLL. However, a significant hurdle remained: a broad swath of JLL employees across the globe needed to adapt their existing ways of working. To address this, Fi Gordon, Global Director BI Strategy & Enablement, and Jon McMillin, BI Specialist, curated a gamification program called the “Alteryx Adventure” to support and motivate individuals to adopt Alteryx.
Operational Impact
  • The launch of the 'Alteryx Adventure' program led to a significant increase in productivity and greater employee engagement at JLL. Teams across the company are now able to collaborate and share analytics workflows easily, which has improved productivity and reduced risk for the broader organization. The program has also increased employee engagement, with individuals in the program reporting appreciation with JLL’s investment in them and citing their achievement of specific certification levels as career highlights. Furthermore, JLL has shared their success with the Alteryx community, posting a blog with all collateral, for every other company using Alteryx to implement at zero cost, demonstrating their commitment to building a stronger data community.
Quantitative Benefit
  • More than 2x usage of Alteryx with the launch of the 'Adventure'
  • Standardization of Alteryx across 11 countries
  • Establishment of 5 certification levels, from 'Rookie' to 'Rockstar'

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