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Improve Visibility and Increase Throughput

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 Improve Visibility and Increase Throughput - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Dealing with Paper-Based Processes and a Lack of Visibility

While the frozen food supplier’s facility is a highly automated one, it relies heavily on its operations team to ensure the equipment runs efficiently throughout production runs.

Whenever a machine goes down, the team would prioritize getting that machine back to an operational state to avoid additional bottlenecks within the facility.

The second issue that the frozen food supplier faced was the cumbersome and time-consuming audits that they needed to perform to comply with the stringent requirements that are present in the food and beverage industry. 

These problems combined resulted in a lack of visibility into how the plant was performing and the issues that needed to be mitigated.

The Customer

This company is a leading supplier of frozen bakery solutions

About The Customer

This company is a leading supplier of frozen bakery solutions to the food service and in-store bakery business segments. The company combines the most advanced bakery technologies with a collaborative business approach to create and manufacture on-trend bakery concepts for leading global, national, and regional customers.

The Solution

Moving to Digital Machine Monitoring

To address the issue of lack of visibility, the team at this frozen food supplier developed a uniquely simple, yet effective solution with Tulip to help the team identify and drive improvements.

The solution also allows team members to report scrap whenever material fails to meet quality standards. In a similar procedure to tracking machine downtime, operators can simply use a Tulip app to record the amount of scrap and the reason code associated with the scrap.

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